1. I can’t believe it’s our last day here. I’m exhausted and sick, yet don’t want this amazing time with my husband to end. We woke up to a welcomed cold Sunday morning and stood in line to get discounted Broadway show tickets. There were many shows to choose from, but we just couldn’t pass up a classic like Les Miserables. 40% off allowed us to be 20 rows back in the orchestra - sold. Afterwards V marveled at the spectacle that is Times Square, before we made our way to Rockefeller Center, and then a quiet Irish pub for a pint. I love how no matter what Irish pub I go into in New York, young men literally from Ireland or Scotland are working there. Such accents! We had a fun bonding moment with the young Irish bartender over some Boston tourists who didn’t realize their NFL game wasn’t actually on at that time, yet insisted it was. Then it was a quick lunch on the dining concourse of Grand Central Terminal (finally had my Hale and Hearty soup) before our 3pm matinee. I knew the show would be impressive, but I wasn’t prepared for how much so. All of the actors had astounding voices and acting skills, especially the man who played Jean Valjean. One clear, well executed note from him brought tears to my eyes. Also, the theater had sippy cups for their wine… It was awesome. By the time we left the theater, I was a mess. The cold fall air was so welcome, and we headed to the west village for a stroll around Washington Square Park and Greenwich. I half hoped to run into Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick. We made our way to Alta… A hidden tapas restaurant with no signage and wonderful indoor decor. Red lights, herb plants as centerpieces and a wine list full of wonderful new things I’d never heard of. We had a few drinks and ordered fried goat cheese in lavender honey, spaghetti squash with porcini “bacon,” fried grape leaves stuffed with duck confit, cheese gnocchi with pine nuts, lamb meatballs with a Moroccan yogurt sauce and burrata on toast with red peppers. Stuffed and happy, we decided we weren’t quite ready to say goodnight to New York just yet, and ended with a nightcap at Bookmarks rooftop bar not far from our hotel. This trip, while tough with being sick, has been a blessing and inspiration to both V and I. Sad to leave, but happy to go home to rest and my baby kitties!

  2. Day 3 started with comforting rain but an even worse cough/cold. We started slow, enjoying an excuse to lounge in bed for awhile. Then it was up for lunch and beers at Manhattan Proper, then the 9-11 memorial and museum. I knew the museum would be tough emotionally, but seeing the tower footprint pools really got me. The downward fall of the water felt so literal… thousands of wonderful lives washed away by hate. Inside the museum was tough as well. I was pleased to see they allow no photography in the most sensitive portions, including a mosaic of every victim’s face, and a dark reflection room where loved ones share unique, favorite memories of their deceased. Many tears were shed. It felt good then to get out into the cold, Fall air to walk the 1.3 mile scenic Brooklyn bridge. It provided beautiful views of both the river and the downtown Manhattan skyline. We shared a margharita pizza and local Brooklyn brews at Juliana’s, located right next door the world famous Grimaldi’s. Patsy Gramaldi also owns and operates Juliana’s, with half the wait. He personally greeted us at the door and we were seated within 10 minutes. Dessert was the panoramic view of Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge Park, and a ride back home on the East River Ferry. My cough has caught up with me, so it’s off to bed before our last day here tomorrow.

  3. Day 2 is in the books. We started out gawking at the architecture and quoting Ghostbusters at NY Central Library. Then we headed to Madison Park to check out Flatiron building. Lunch at Eleven Madison Park was a 3 and a 1/2 hour, FIFTEEN course experience. I still can’t fathom all we ate. Then it was off to Grand Central Terminal for crowd watching and a drink at Campbell Apartment, then checking out the night cityscape from the 86 floors up at the Empire State Building. We capped the evening with a drink on a rooftop bar in Midtown and cheap, delicious pizza in our room.

  4. Day 1 flew by in a flash, despite both V and I suffering through a gross cold. Raspberry and cheese strudel for breakfast, a lengthy and beautiful stroll in Central Park, drinks at the famous Loeb Boathouse, Dino bones and a dizzying planetarium show at the American Museum of Natural History, braving the NY subway system, lobster bisque and delicious Manhattan clam chowder - then a cinnamon sugar crepe and hat shopping at Chelsea Market, finishing with beers at Heartland Brewery. All powered by DayQuil! Ending the night with bubble baths and Thursday night football.

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Happy first day of autumn!


    Happy first day of autumn!

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